What is early suspended supervision



i was placed on a diversion program last year and i have one month remaining. For thia last month they put me on early suspended supervision. The problem is that they say that they can randomly call me in for office visit s and drug screening if they chose. I just started a new job and i dont want to have to leave my job because they want me to randomly come down and drug test or visit my officer, where as before it was scheduled and i could tell my employer in advance.... Although they withhold the right what is the chance that they actually will randomly call me in?

Lawyer Answers 1

Diversion is a "take it or leave it" contract. You have no room to negotiate about anything. Suspended supervision is functionally like parole (except that your charges are wiped clean if you successfully complete the program)--like parole, you have no negotiation power with suspended supervision. As for the chance of a random test or meeting, it is hard to say. You probably will be called at least once, but generally participants are contacted in the morning (so you can comply before going to work or after work--Colorado has an interest in you keeping your job...). Review the documentation the you received, but be aware that the "random tests" do give you a window to comply--that is, you will have a reasonable period of time to appear.