Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

With the increasing number of divorces taking a tumultuous turn, the need for a family attorney has become more crucial than it used to be in the yesteryear. So, what exactly is a family attorney, and what sort of legal matters does he deal with?

Simply defined, a family attorney (also known as a family law attorney) is a lawyer who deals with legal matters arising out of familial relationship. So, it goes without saying that individuals including husbands, wives, children, domestic partners, parents, grandparents, all of them can hire a lawyer specializing in family law as per their issues, seeking legal help. While a family attorney usually deals with cases such as divorces, premarital and post marital agreements, he/she may also take cases involving child custody, child support and alimony. And that’s not all. A family attorney is also qualified to represent cases where issues such as adoption, paternity, visitation rights and juvenile delinquency are in concern.

Now that we know that what exactly a family attorney is, let’s discuss about the prospects of needing to hire one.

The family law attorney is an expert in the field of settling issues that might arise out of divorces and legal separation. The lawyer, acting on behalf of the client, could attempt to divide marital property, decide how much money is to be paid for alimony and child support (in case the couple is married with a child), settle child custody issues, set out visitation rights, and so on. It is imperative though, for the other partner, to be represented by his attorney, working on the same issues. And in the event that the issues remain unresolved, the couple may be taken before a judge where the judge would issue a final order to which is to be taken as a settlement.

But that’s not all. A family attorney’s need is not restricted to a relationship going sour. While most people seek the help of a family law attorney in matters of divorce and separation, the lawyer may also be approached for help with matters such as adoption. Let’s say for example, you need to adopt a child. Tell you what, adopting a child is not easy at all. There are several steps to take care of to make the adoption legal. The laws regarding the same vary in every jurisdiction, and according to the age of the child. As such, it is a good idea to seek assistance from a family attorney to avoid complications that may arise from the adoption process.

A family law attorney also works on preventing foreseeable future issues out of a marriage. Yes, I am talking about prenuptial and post nuptial agreements. The lawyer would create documents that sets forth how the assets would be divided, who will have the custody of the child, and how much alimony is to be paid in case the couple goes for a divorce. The attorney may also be able to set up a trust fund in the name of the spouse or the children, but that sizably depends on her experience.