What can you do if you feel your attorney has improperly handled your case?

It is part of the function of the different law societies to protect the public against unprofessional and irresponsible members of the attorney's profession. The law societies set a high standard of professional conduct for their members to adhere to and are prepared to investigate any complaints levelled at it's members. 

Attorneys are bound by a strict professional code and are proud of the high standards they set themselves and the low incidence of disciplinary action that has been required by the various provincial law societies. 

Confirm which provincial law society you need to contact. The various law societies contact details can be found by going to their websites, details of which can be found from the links on the right hand side. 

Before going to the council confirm that your complaint is valid by going through the facts. It is often a lack of communication or a misunderstanding that leads to complaints being lodged. Contact your attorney, either by visiting him/her or send them a letter (registered post preferably) regarding your query. Ask for a full report regarding your enquiry, as an attorney is obliged to report to their client on the progress in a matter. Give them a reasonable amount of time to reply before contacting the law society. 

Your complaint should be submitted in the form of an affidavit. This can be done by taking your statement to a commissioner of oaths, a police officer or another attorney. Examples of forms that can be used, can be found on some of the law societies web sites. 

Please remember that while the various Councils have the power to ensure that attorneys observe proper standards of professional conduct they do not have the power to order an attorney to pay compensation. You would need to consult another attorney about taking your grievance to a court of law. This was only a rough guide as to what your options are and further details can be found at the web sites of the various law societies 

If you lose a case that your attorney said was a sure winner 
Any attorney who says that a case is a sure winner and cannot be lost should be steered clear of.
While you can be sure that most attorneys will do all they can to try and win your case, an honest attorney, no matter how good they are, has to admit that there is always a chance of a lawsuit or case being lost.
However, If you do feel that your attorney may guilty of malpractice in the handling of your case, you may have recourse with the relevant law society. Remember though, that you will probably have to retain the services of another attorney, should you wish to sue for damages. 

What can you do if you feel that your attorney has charged too much? 
Review your fee agreement and the bills your attorney has sent you. All charges should be consistent with your agreement. If you have questions about particular charges, ask your attorney. Frequently, charges make more sense after a brief explanation. 

If you can't resolve your questions regarding fees and charges with your attorney you may want to have your bill reviewed by an attorney organization that will evaluate it for fairness.