Role of a Trademark Agent and Trademark Attorney in India

In the contemporary times, trademarks are becoming indispensable to the conduct of business. With an unprecedented increase in the number of people choosing to start their own business, trademarks have come to occupy an important place in the economy. This is because apart from giving a distinctive character to your business, trademarks also ensure that your goodwill and repute cannot be illegally harnessed by anyone else to their own advantage.

The process of getting your trademark registered is available online. This process initially comes across to be fairly simple, something that a common man can comprehend. When such is the case, why do we need trademark agents or trademark attorneys in India?

The answer to this lies in the fact that, as simple as the procedure may seem, there are a lot of intricacies involved that require the expertise of a trained eye. Expertise is required from the very beginning of the registration process. Choosing a proper trademark is no easy task. You need to ensure that it is not similar to any preceding trademark and that it is in compliance with the relevant legislations in India. This is where a trademark attorney or agent steps in and makes the process easy for you.

The trademark agent/attorney helps you in choosing an apt trademark after ensuring compliance with the legal norms and thus reducing the chances of rejection of your trademark application.

The second step is the filing of an application for registration. This filing has very specific requirements that can be dealt with by ease by a trademark attorney in India. Apart from this, if there are any objections to the trademark registration, it is upon the attorney to reply to the objection and provide you with an alternative. Their role in prosecuting trademark applications is indispensable. Additionally, they also provide important advice about the nuances of trademark infringement.

To break it down, a trademark attorney/ agent puts the thing in perspective for you. They provide unrelenting and expert assistance from the choosing of your trademark right down to its registration. They help in breaking down the long tedious process of registration while ensuring that at the end of the process you have your very own registered trademark.